Thursday, December 24, 2009

I got virtual fish...?

Yep, sure did!
They're down at the bottom of the page, and I'm actually kind of nervous about having them.
I have never not killed a fish, ever.
In my next post I've decided to name them.
But I'm much to lazy to do that now(;

"It's a circle, a mean cycle. I can't excite you anymore."

Christmas Eve

It's very wet today. Ugh.
I hate the rain so very much, it makes my entire day gloomy. I mean, what the point of doing anything when as soon as you go outside, you get wet? The weatherman and every other gullible person in Dallas is saying that we might have a white Christmas if it gets a little bit colder. And to that I say 'yea right!'. I lived in Dallas my entire life and 7 times out of 10, I'll wear shorts on Christmas. But who knows? Maybe we'll have a Christmas miracle! This is definitely the year for it.

Church service tonight, so excited. Not. It's gonna be super boring, but I'll grin and bear it so I can get home faster and eat tamales!! Yummmmmm! Of course my mom doesn't make them, she buys them. But they're still a Christmas tradition and after dinner we'll watch It's A Wonderful Life, which is one of my all time favorite movies. I love Christmas.

"Honestly can you believe, we crossed the world while it's asleep?"

P.s. it just started to snow. Oh lord.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There are things that we all realize a day. It's not the same for everyone and sometimes you'll have one on Tuesday, and seventy-three on Wednesday. For instance, I just had two in a span of only a couple minutes, meaning today is gonna be a good day for it.
I realized that Christmas is on Friday, only 3 short days! One will wait all year for Christmas, but when it arrives, you want the year back. You want the heat of summer, the laughter at your birthday party, and the friends you lost back. Sorry if I'm raining on your Yuletide parade, but it's the holiday season is kinda depressing. You'll never get this year back, ever. I hope you enjoyed it cherub, it's never coming back.
I also realized that I will never tire of tea. I live in the great state where the skies are the very biggest, and we drink tea all the time. In the summer we drink it cold with lemon and in the winter we'll drink it cold with sugar. I find it amazing that even though it's winter, good southern people ask for iced tea everywhere they go. I have a feeling that this little tidbit is gonna comfort me when I finally grow up and go somewhere where it gets cold in winter, and order iced tea.

"The prairie sky is wide and high, deep in the heart of Texas"

First and Foremost.

I'm not your average freshman in high school. My friends watch hours of Tv and talk about boys non-stop. I listen to old, eclectic, music, think boys are strictly fun, and in my free time I read Jane Austen and blogs. Not stupid gossip blogs or celebrity blogs or even very popular blogs, but little known blogs. With writers that are going through real life, and are writing a blog to just write a blog. So I decided to do the same. I don't care if people read this blog, or if anyone even knows I have one. I just want what I think and go through to be out there. Wow, that sounds so broody. I'll try my best to make all of my entries not that cliched anymore.

"Come with me, we can take the long way home..."